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1-Understand yourself 

Self-Awareness and Your Mission 
  • Use Your Talents
  • Know Your Limitations
  • Natal Report
  • In-depth Aspect Report
  • Any Birth dates Report
  • Astro-Genetics of Family 
  • Synastry (Compatibility) Report

2-Plan Your Future

Use Your Free Choice Most Effectively   
  • Forecast for Any Date ~ Past or Future
  • Daily Emotional Cycle 
  • 12 Year Opportunity Cycle
  • 29 Year Career Cycle
  • 84 Year Sudden Windfall or Upheavals
  • 165 Year Inspirational Cycle
  • 246 Year Transformational Cycle


3-World Events    

Understand the World Around You
  • World Events Now
  • World Events in the Past and Future
  • World Mood. How it Affects the Market
  • Daily Fashion Guide
  • Colors to Wear for Any Date
  • Doomasday Clock!
  • Personality of Wolrd Leaders


Your AstroCalendar is Feature Rich

AstroCalendar is a Personalized website made just for you. It is based on your date, time, and place of birth and shows the Moon Transits and their meanings in your specific chart on a daily basis.

Your Ten Essential Life Cycles

All your 10 Essential cycles including the Moon's daily transit for the entire Family. The ten cycles include Emotional, Love, Action, Yearly Focus, Planning, Opportunity, Achievement, Windfalls, Inspirational, Transforming cycles

Family Transits 

Watch all the planets in houses for the entire Family. This is a first and nobody has ever done it!  This is an extremely useful so you can monitor each other's transits as events are reflected in each other's lives


Marriage is not looking into each other's eyes. It is looking in the same direction. Synastry program gives you fantastic insight in each other and how you can improve your relationship. You can also compare your chart with any other birth date

Visual Personality

Check out the personality for any Birthday as well as Celebrities. Signs are given in the 12 colors so you can instantly see the personality visually

Color Coded Transits 

Visual is min 75,000 times faster than words and numbers. Learn to recognize when any planet is in which of the 12 houses simple by looking at the color!

Family Genetics

Complete control on each & every element that provides endless customization possibilities.

Today's fashion - and films

Choose your clothes and accessories based on the Mon position today. Which Film to watch today? Use Astrocalendar to display today's genre as well as IMDB trailers and Netflix movie links!

Forecast for any date

You can pick any date from the past for Future and you will have instant Forecast Report for that date

Astrology Articles from Hassan

We have covered each & everything in our Documentation including Videos & Screenshots.

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AstroCalendar is the Personalized website made just for You developed by
noted astrologer Hassan Jaffer after years of consultation with thousands of his clients
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